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MultiFamily SolutionsMultiFamily Solutions is a national network of independent multi-family flooring contractors capable of servicing the largest property management companies and REITs in the industry as well as independent, regional management companies. Exclusive programs with Armstrong, Shaw and Mohawk are uniquely tailored to the multi-family market segment and further MultiFamily Solutions' commitment to superior customer service at competitive prices.

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Dear Manoli,

quote_openI am writing to say thank you, and to tell you what a difference the Odor Shield Carpet made for us at The Villas at Brentwood.

We recently had a move out, and I walked the apartment to begin the turn process. With my first steps into the new unit I knew I had an extremely heavy smoking unit on our hands. The smell of cigarette smoke was so overwhelming, it made my eyes water while standing in the unit. As I completed my checklist I thought this would be a good opportunity to put the Odor Shield Carpet to test.

We decided the first thing we would do is install the Odor Shield Carpet in the unit. I walked the unit a couple of days after the Odor Shield Carpet was installed. Wow! What a difference! The Odor Shield Carpet significantly reduced the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke throughout the entire unit. The Odor Shield Carpet not only saved us time, but also saved us money on the turn of this unit. This is the carpet we wish to use going forward.

Odor Shield with Magic Fresh passed the test with flying colors!quote_close

Thank you,
Property Manager
Villas at Brentwood


Hi Maggie,

quote_openWe just want you to know how much the Browns are satisfied with our new carpet. We could not be happier with you and United Carpet. We were treated wonderfully.

The installers were super. Treated us and our furniture with respect. We intend to tell our friends of our great experience with your company.

Thank you so much,quote_close

The Browns at Bear Creek


Dear Mr. Teson,

quote_openThe congregation at Marvin Park Methodist Church wished to thank you for giving us such a good price on the rem carpet for our nursery room. The carpet really turned out very nice. The room looks very nice and those that use the room are very pleased at the outcome. Thank you once again, and God bless you in all that you do.quote_close


Thomas Hicks,
Administrative Assistant